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29 November 2010 @ 05:05 am
Dear Pumpkiners,

The hour is upon us... the fic exchange has officially closed!

Which means......


So feel free to go through the comment threads and let the recipients know what you wrote for them (optional, of course!)  You're also free to post the stories in your own journals, comms, AO3 etc as you wish.

Thank you all for so many wonderful stories!
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28 November 2010 @ 03:32 am
So excited to see even more ficlets rolling in over the past few days!  As we enter the final day of the pumpkin postings, I urge you all to write! write! write! like your hands might fall off if you don't.

Give someone a belated reason to be thankful - and remember, you have until midnight EST tonight, Sunday 28th November (I appreciate I'm going on UK time at the moment, just to confuse the issue!)
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21 November 2010 @ 03:21 pm

Since Thanksgiving itself is almost upon us, and I won't be around on Thursday, I'm going to extend the pumpkin filler posting until Sunday 28th November at midnight EST.

Here's that handy masterlist, open a few tabs in your browser and get filling some more prompts to join the amazing stories already sitting in the comment threads.  You don't have to write an epic, remember - a drabble will be a wonderful gift too.

As of Sunday 28th at midnight EST, the authors can post comments to 'claim' the stories they wrote anonymously.  This isn't compulsory, but if your author does come forward, please don't forget to thank them (although the manners in this comm seem exemplary so far!)

Enjoy these last few days of posting, and if you have an idea you're shy about committing to the page, remember that this is the perfect opportunity! 

Yours in large orange things,

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08 November 2010 @ 05:18 pm
I just discovered this lovely community and am quite happy about it.  I know this is late and I'm not worried about time, heck, I'll be thrilled if I get any responses at all. 

Favorite Characters
: CJ is my number one but I also love Danny, Jed, Abbey, Leo, Josh, Toby, Sam, Donna, Annabeth, Charlie, Mrs. Landingham, and Gail
'Ships that sail for you: CJ/Danny! I'm a bit obsessed with them and feel like they are underrepresented.  Abbey/Jed are cute too.
Friendships and platonic relationships:  CJ/Carol, CJ/Josh especially when she wants to kill him, CJ/Abbey, Jed/Leo,  Josh/Toby/Sam (any combo)
Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)?  I'd love any CJ/Danny.  They are my favorite WW fandom.  I'd particularly like any in canon or right after,  not to far in the future though.  I'd really love any dealing with the night CJ went to Danny's after Leo died and they finally did something other than talk.  Gail mentions are nice too.  I like romance, and humor is good too. When I say romance I am not referring to trashy romance style stuff.  I go for more of the romantic comedy sort of romance.  I'm pretty much open to any ratings.
Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)? I'm not a big fan of AU's or slash.  No death please, it just makes me too sad.  Other than that I'm happy to read anything you give me. 
25 October 2010 @ 12:25 pm
Hello Pumpkin Participants,

Hallowe'en is fast approaching - so consider this a timely reminder to post your requests if you haven't already.  There's already some stellar fic lurking in the comments, so please have a scroll through and read if you get the chance.  

Of course, there's still time to pimp this exchange out to your West Wing loving friends, because the more the merrier!  We've got all the way until (US) Thanksgiving to get our writing hats on, perhaps you can rewatch Shibboleth or Indians in the Lobby to get your Thanksgiving mojo going?  Not that your fics need to be holiday themed at all, but there are some excellent prompts and ideas in the existing Pumpkins for just about every character and storyline you can imagine.

Read, write and enjoy!  Get some pie if you're blocked!

(Here's the masterlist)
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13 October 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Favorite Characters: Josh, Donna, Amy, Sam, CJ, Ainsley and Leo in some kind of order. Depends on what day it is, lol.

'Ships that sail for you: Josh/Donna, Sam/Ainsley, Josh/Amy, CJ/Danny, Sam/Mallory, CJ/Simon, Will/Kate, Sam/Donna, Sam/Amy,.. I like ships.. leave me alone *g* lol.

Friendships and platonic relationships: Josh/Sam, Josh/CJ, Donna/Sam, Donna/CJ, Ainsley/Donna, Amy/Donna, Abbey/CJ, Leo/Josh

Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? Pretty much any ratings. Umm there's a ton of Josh/Donna out there already, so I'm always happy to see some of my other ships get love. Although, I'm not opposed to Josh/Donna fic, either, lol. Right now I've been itching to see something along the lines of Sam/Amy cause it just makes me lol a whole lot. Josh/Amy is always welcome, there's not enough Amy love in general. Sam/Mallory and Will/Kate are also neglected. I'd love some post-show W/K if anyone's up for it.

I'm more than happy with drabbles and short fics. You don't have to write me anything of epic length unless you just want to. I'm a small moments kind of girl. It's what worked for the show and it's what usually works for me in fic. I've been writing a good bit of fluff lately, but usually I'm more of an angster so pretty much anything on the spectrum is fine with me. Bonus points for anything that makes me laugh *g*

Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)?
Slash isn't my thing. AUs are fine as long as it's not just random. I like stories that still make some sense. But as long as the characters still ring true I'm usually a pretty happy camper.
 To save a lot of scrolling, here's a list of each pumpkin if you're in the mood to fill 'em.

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08 October 2010 @ 12:23 pm
In celebration of being free from the LSAT forever (which technically will happen tomorrow, but it's close enough), I submit my pumpkin.

Favorite Characters:Josh. Amy, Donna, Toby, Sam, POTUS, Leo, Charlie, Ainsley.
'Ships that sail for you:Sam/Ainsley (but not post-canon), Josh/Donna, Josh/Amy, Toby/Andy, Josh/Joey (but in a cute, never-really-happens sort of way), Donna/Cliff, CJ/Simon, CJ/Danny, Will/Kate.
Friendships and platonic relationships:POTUS & Leo, Sam & Toby, Sam & Josh, CJ & Josh, Leo & Josh (especially when it has a father-esque & son-esque kind of feel), Josh & Charlie.
Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? Oh, wow. Hmm. I'd love to read more "moment" stories. Missing moments from canon involving pretty much any of the aforementioned characters. I could always go for stories surrounding the season one finale/season two premiere, or the Gaza plot (but not--for either the shooting or Gaza plots--in a strict hurt-comfort way; I like the developments that happen for characters/friendships/relationships because of those plots), or the 20 Hours in America lost-in-Indiana plot, or the Noel plot, or the Constituency of One plot, or the Donna's diary fiasco plot. (Okay, I'll stop. Hee.) I love backstory, and would be especially interested in backstory for: Josh, Amy, Donna, and Ainsley (though not necessarily together). But any backstory is great. I actually like--nay, love--the later seasons, so there's no need to shy away from later aspects of canon (I like fics that explore how such a tightly-knit group dissolves and grows/breaks apart, but is still connected whether they like it or not). I like stories that explore heavier character moments/aspects as much as I love stories that touch on silly, cute ones. I just love these characters, and their lives--big moments, little moments, snippets never seen in canon, or moments not really related to canon (like, Josh has to dog-sit Henry for Amy, or Sam learns how to bake, or something). And, to fess up, I could totally go for some Josh/Donna or Josh/Amy smut--happy or angsty, doesn't matter (just not actual kinky stuff--not into that for those characters).
Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)? I don't go for unrealistic (so, all those stories that feature a happy-ever-after Josh and Donna in a house full of kids while miraculously maintaining their careers are not for me). Not into kid!fic. I'm not wild about AUs, and I generally don't prefer stories that are written in a style composed of small sections with one-liners. Slash isn't my thing for this fandom (but I suppose that was obvious from the pairings I listed). Please no Sam-gets-elected-to-office fic.
07 October 2010 @ 05:01 pm
Favorite Characters: Josh! Donna! Toby! Lou! Amy!

'Ships that sail for you: Het and femmeslash. I strongly lean towards canon pairings. I'm not crazy about Josh/Sam but I like Josh/Sam/Donna as an OT3. I am a huge Josh/Donna shipper but I am not the sort of shipper who appreciates bashing so fic with Josh/Amy and Josh/Mandy are okay. Amy/Lou? Amy/Sam? Lou/Josh/Donna! Go nuts, I'd even read something like Helen/Annabeth or Lou/Annabeth. Annabeth/Donna/Helen - their love is so East Wing? Toby/Lou - their love is so bridges and tunnels?

Friendships and platonic relationships: Donna Moss and Helen Santos. Josh, Sam and Santos. It might be really fun to see Lou with Amy, Sam or Toby.

Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)?

Gen straight through hardcore porn.

I want a TON of Santos admin fics. I think they had a really interesting line up of staff: Josh, Sam, Amy, Lou, Donna and Annabeth, and the junior staffers Otto and Bram and Edie and Lester. I'd like just about anything involving their adventures, but I have some suggestions:

The one where Matt Santos finds out about Josh consulting with Toby.

Matt and Sam's awkward first week during Josh and Donna's sexcation. (Bonus points for Matt/Sam and a joke about Air Lingus?)

The one where Josh and Donna have to deal with the Israeli/Palestinian peace process and their own history there.

Donna and Helen on a trip overseas!

The hilarious fic where somehow Josh ends up having to care for the First Kids. (I predict this ends with them all playing Guitar Hero and the kids teaching Josh how to swear in Spanish in exchange for a fuller knowledge of swearing in Yiddish which they already learned from him on the campaign trail because he's an awful human being like that.)

Josh and Lou become really good friends - and they're completely annoying together because they're monomaniacal politico assholes who think jokes about Dukakis are still hilarious.

I love fic that has to do with Josh's mentalness but I'd sort of prefer fic that has to do with what it's like to regularly live as a person with mental health problems RATHER than straight h/c. Does Matt Santos know? What's the deal with VP First Lady Baker.

Sam and/or Josh are bisexual and dating women, how to deal with that disclosure? I'm ambivalent on Sam's sexuality - it would be awesome to see a fic where he WAS gay and got elected to say, California Governor or something anyway. It's 2010, it could totally happen in four or eight years.

The one where Sam and Amy have to work together in the new administration. I'd like to see one where Amy actually grows into her job as Leg. Director. (I honestly think Sam/Amy would be an interesting pairing, as long as it's not Pair the Spares.)

I like fic where Sam's fiancee is Laurie.

An adventure with CJ in Africa, with or without Danny. Bonus points if you include Chinese investment in Africa as a political theme but you totally don't HAVE to do that.

Jed Bartlet having an adventure post-admin. Maybe he goes to Iran or North Korea to free some prisoners or visits Jerusalem under his peace plan? Hell, maybe he teams up with CJ and they go to Qumar or Equatorial Kundu together. That would be fun.

2010 campaign. 2014 campaign fics. I REALLY want one where Donna runs a candidate of her own. (Doesn't have to be for President, my ideal scenario is Sam for Gov. of California.) I'd also like a fic where Donna and Amy either butt heads over legislation or some combo of Donna, Amy and Josh becoming friends.

Everyone goes to Charlie/Zoey's wedding. (I've seen plenty of CJ/Danny and Josh/Donna wedding fic.)

I'm a weird pervert. I enjoy kinky fics set within consensual (and loving) relationships, so if you're secretly dying to write uh, the fic where Donna and Josh do prostate play or Toby pearl necklaces CJ, I am that person. I do prefer funny and sexy rather than dark and sexy - in fact, dark BDSM is a bit of a turn OFF for me. Especially don't do Bad BDSM please.

This is a wide range of suggestions but it gives you an idea of what I'd like to read.

Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)?

I'm not super crazy about kidfic at this time. I'm okay with Josh/Sam in principle, I just don't OTP it.
06 October 2010 @ 10:13 pm
I think it goes without saying that damelola is fabulous for hosting this.

Favorite Characters: I don't really have anyone that I don't like. My favorites have to be Sam, Josh, Ainsley, Donna, Charlie, POTUS, Leo, and Toby. But really, I do love everyone. Also the Bartlet daughters.

'Ships that sail for you: Sam/Ainsley, Josh/Amy, Josh/Donna, POTUS/FLOTUS, Toby/Andy, CJ/Danny. Pretty much any of those work for me.

Friendships and platonic relationships: I really love all of the friendships and the dynamics on this show. It's what makes it so great. I'm a sucker for pairings, but I'm perfectly fine with a fic where it's just two people or three talking or doing something. I love Josh and Sam doing stupid things like nearly burning down the White House. CJ outplaying everyone. POTUS teaching Senior Staff something they really don't want to learn but have no say in. Ainsley reversing Sam on something. Amy being one step ahead of Josh. Basically, I'm easy to please.

Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? I've recently got on board with Seaborn for President like crazy; and Seaborn/Wyatt is always a nice possibility. Write me First Lady Ainsley getting things done, because we all know she would be a fierce First Lady. I always love Big Block of Cheese Day stories. Write me Dr. Bartlet sneaking up on Josh. Like I said, I'm really easy to please. And I'm good with any rating, from G to NC-17; sex can always be good. I also love backstory fics.

Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)? I'm not huge into slash either way. Canon is great, but so is playing around with it as well.