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06 October 2010 @ 09:40 pm
Pumpkins! Many thanks to damelola for organizing this!

Favorite Characters: I love me some Claudia Jean and some Toby. Also a pretty big fan of Abbey and Annabeth. I like pretty much all of the characters. Jed, Leo, Mrs. L, Debbie, Andy, Ann Stark, Jordan Kendall, Amy, Laurie... the list goes on and on.
'Ships that sail for you: I'm a CJ/Toby girl. I also like Jed/Abbey, Leo/Jordan, Toby/Andy, CJ/anyone pretty much. Most femslash ships are good with me... I'm especially soft for CJ/Abbey/Amy/Donna stuff around Dead Irish Writers. And I may have a thing for Toby/Annabeth.
Friendships and platonic relationships:CJ/Andy friendship is fun. Also I'm kind of into the idea of Annabeth/Andy after Annabeth called her. Jed/Leo. Abbey/any of the girls. Abbey/Jordan would be fun. Annabeth/Leo. Pretty much anyone.
Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? Anything with CJ/Toby... maybe something dealing with their kids now? Doesn't even have to be romantic. CJ/Toby/Andy dynamics are great. Fun stuff with the ladies after Dead Irish Writers. Annabeth/Toby would be great in any way you can make it plausible.
Notes: I'm not a big fan of slash. Femslash yes, but not slash. I can take or leave canon pretty much. I'm good with campaign trail stories, post admin stories, whatever. Any ratings, any genres, I'm pretty much good with it. That's all I can think of right now. I'd seriously be happy with anything about any of the couples or characters above.
06 October 2010 @ 08:41 pm
Favorite Characters: Josh, Donna, CJ, Sam, Ainsley
'Ships that sail for you: I'm rather traditional, Josh/Donna, Sam/Ainsley are my favorites.
Friendships and platonic relationships: Josh/Sam, Donna/Sam, I love the idea of Josh and Ainsley as friends. CJ/Josh
Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? I'm a sucker for domestic J/D or S/A. I am also a sucker for "Oh, one half of the couple is sad or hurt or in any way down in the dumps" stories. Any rating is fine to me!
Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)? I'm not really into slash (though you can probably tell by that by my pairings). Other than that I'm willing to give just about anything a try!
06 October 2010 @ 03:24 pm
YAY, pumpkins! Thanks for organizing, damelola!

Favorite Characters: Andrea Wyatt! I'm such an Andy whore, it's completely laughable. Toby comes in a very close second (and Huck and Molly, of course), and CJ. But really, there's barely a character I don't love. I'm very into Margaret, Mrs. L, Ann Stark, Amy, all of those fabulous smaller characters too. NGL, I'm not a Sam Seaborn fan, though I love that he's scared of Andy, so...make of that what you will.

Romantic pairings: Andy/Toby is my otp, always 'n' forever. I like CJ/Toby as well (usually with a dash of Andy - like I said, laughable), CJ/Danny, and any combination of Andy/Toby/Ann Stark. And Leo/Jordan! I'm not into m/m slash at all, but femslash is fair game.

Friendships/platonic dynamics: Jed & Leo for sure! Also Toby & CJ and Andy, Donna, and CJ or any combination therein. Also, in spite of the aforementioned dislike of Sam Seaborn, I am totally on board with a Seaborn/Wyatt ticket in some future AU.

Notes: I'm a whore for canon, but am pretty game in general. I love Wyatt/Ziegler family tales; Molly is my homegirl, and anytime she's included in anything, I grin a lot. I love snarkiness, I love simple, quiet things, I love domesticity, I love work-related situations, etc etc etc. I love angsty Andy/Toby and fluffy Andy/Toby and really anything in between. Oh, and in general, any rating is fine.
04 October 2010 @ 09:57 pm

Please pimp this exchange out to all the West Wing fans you know!

Of course, you can also feel free to create your own banners!
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04 October 2010 @ 09:39 pm
Favorite Characters: CJ and Abbey rock my world, and so does Andrea Wyatt since I'm very much into strong and sassy women.

Toby is an endless fascination to me, what with the grumpiness and all. I love Leo and Jed and their bromance, not to mention Ainsley, Annabeth, Louise, Amy, Jordan, Ellie and Kate. Can't think of a character I don't like, but these are my main people.

'Ships that sail for you: CJ/EVERYONE (not even kidding here). Jed/Abbey, Abbey/CJ, Kate/CJ. Leo/Jordan, Toby/Andy (big time), Toby/CJ/Andy/Ann Stark (any combinations of this), basically any femslash that you can make work, and a major soft spot for Sam/Ainsley and Amy/Donna.

Ooh, and Matt/Helen. And Louise/Helen (I am very much with the rare pairings).

Friendships and platonic relationships: Anyone hatching plans with Amy Gardner, Jordan having to get bossy with Jed or Leo and their international law-breaking, Sam bothering Toby, Josh being outfoxed by CJ, basically any of them hanging out together and cracking jokes or discussing policy. I love the layered relationships on this show, so go crazy.

Abbey/CJ friendship is probably my favourite here, but again, I'm easy.

Tell us, what stories are you just dying to read? (including ratings you're okay with)? Plausible femslash, I love campaign trail stories, angst or romance, and basically anything from fluff to the naughtiest of smut.

I love anything to do with Huck & Molly or the Bartlet daughters. I can ignore canon at will, so don't worry about that too much. My post-show personal canon involves a Seaborn/Wyatt ticket for the Presidency, I'm just saying. Toby dealing with the Arts. Oh, and the First Lady getting boozy is never a bad idea, if you ask me.

Anything to avoid (e.g. I hate AUs, I'm not much into slash)? I really kind of hate stories written in the first person. I'm not that fussed about Josh/Donna, to be honest. Otherwise, I am quite willing to be surprised (I hope I've given you enough to work with).
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04 October 2010 @ 09:26 pm
West Wing pumpkins? What the what?

It's a slightly stretched take on the now famous ww_stockings which delighted us all last year. Since Christmas and New Year can be a busy time for people, I thought I'd try this earlier in the year when we're all still procrastinating at our desks.

Here's how it works: you make a post to the comm (your pumpkin) which is basically a wishlist of things you might enjoy in a West Wing fic. The other members can them post anonymous comment fics that satisfy some or even all of your requirements. It's giving the gift of writing, basically. The fics can be just a drabble, or drawn out over a series of anonymous comments, it's entirely down to the author.

Basically: you provide the pumpkin, and the anonymous authors turn it into pumpkin pie.

Why anonymous?

It's in the spirit of the thing - unselfish giving. Also, it can be a great way to get started for infrequent or shy writers. Plus, it's incredibly freeing to write without anyone knowing who you are (at least at first). Come the end of the exchange, authors can then comment on their ficlets to 'claim' as their own and receive the appropriate praise. (Although praise is welcome while they're still anon too, feedback is always wanted!)

How long does this go on for?

Starting from roughly... now until the 25th November 2010. That way we get all three pumpkin related holidays in one period - Canadian Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en and American Thanksgiving. Not that your fics need to be holiday-themed, anything and everything is fair game.

You can post your 'pumpkin' until midnight GMT 31st October. Fics can be written as soon as posts appear, up until midnight GMT on November 24th. As of the 25th, authors can then 'reveal' themselves, if they choose to.

Basic guidelines (or rules, if you're Margaret)

Please stick to what people request, don't press a story on them that they haven't asked for.

Be guided by the ratings people say they're comfortable with - don't write smut for someone who doesn't want anything above PG13, etc.

A request can be filled more than once, so don't worry if someone has already nabbed 'Josh/Donna' and written about their wedding - you can do something similar with your own spin on it. The more the merrier, and everyone likes getting as much fic as possible.

If you request, please be prepared to write. It's only fair. And if you're self-conscious, remember that it's anonymous!

Be as broad as possible in your requests - anything too specific or limited may scare off potential authors. Think of anything you might possibly enjoy... and then ask for it!

NO FLAMING - if you don't like a gift much, please just say thanks and move on. There's no need to be mean.

Don't know where to start with your pumpkin? Here's a rough template (you don't have to use it):

Any questions? PM damelola or comment to this post!

Let's get writing!
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