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ww_pumpkins's Journal

West Wing Thanksgiving Fic Exchange
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A fic exchange community spread over the two Thanksgiving holidays.
Master List of Pumpkin Requests

West Wing pumpkins? What the what?

It's a slightly stretched take on the now famous ww_stockings (and don't worry, I cleared it with the mods of that!) which delighted us all last year. Since Christmas and New Year can be a busy time for people, I thought I'd try this earlier in the year when we're all still procrastinating at our desks.

Here's how it works: you make a post to the comm (your pumpkin) which is basically a wishlist of things you might enjoy in a West Wing fic. The other members can them post anonymous comment fics that satisfy some or even all of your requirements. It's giving the gift of writing, basically. The fics can be just a drabble, or drawn out over a series of anonymous comments, it's entirely down to the author.

Basically: you provide the pumpkin, and the anonymous authors turn it into pumpkin pie.

Why anonymous?

It's in the spirit of the thing - unselfish giving. Also, it can be a great way to get started for infrequent or shy writers. Plus, it's incredibly freeing to write without anyone knowing who you are (at least at first). Come the end of the exchange, authors can then comment on their ficlets to 'claim' as their own and receive the appropriate praise. (Although praise is welcome while they're still anon too, feedback is always wanted!)

How long does this go on for?

Starting from roughly... now until the 25th November 2010. That way we get all three pumpkin related holidays in one period - Canadian Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en and American Thanksgiving. Not that your fics need to be holiday-themed, anything and everything is fair game.

You can post your 'pumpkin' until midnight GMT 31st October. Fics can be written as soon as posts appear, up until midnight GMT on November 24th. As of the 25th, authors can then 'reveal' themselves, if they choose to.

Basic guidelines (or rules, if you're Margaret)

Please stick to what people request, don't press a story on them that they haven't asked for.

Be guided by the ratings people say they're comfortable with - don't write smut for someone who doesn't want anything above PG13, etc.

A request can be filled more than once, so don't worry if someone has already nabbed 'Josh/Donna' and written about their wedding - you can do something similar with your own spin on it. The more the merrier, and everyone likes getting as much fic as possible.

If you request, please be prepared to write. It's only fair. And if you're self-conscious, remember that it's anonymous!

Be as broad as possible in your requests - anything too specific or limited may scare off potential authors. Think of anything you might possibly enjoy... and then ask for it!

NO FLAMING - if you don't like a gift much, please just say thanks and move on. There's no need to be mean.

Don't know where to start with your pumpkin? Here's a rough template (you don't have to use it):

Any questions? PM damelola or comment to the first modpost.

Let's get writing!

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